T602 file viewer for Win9x/NTCZ/EN

The author of programs T602VW and T602RTF is Milan Broz, E-mail: asi@seznam.cz

T602VW version 1.9.6 (July 5, 2000)
Fileviewer for T602 files for Windows 9x/NT

  • all characters of T602 supported, including semigraphics and Russian charset
  • font size selection
  • direct print and preview
  • conversion to RTF format (MS Word)
  • freeware
version 1.9.6:
  • new Save in TXT format
  • new Open and Save directory definition (in ini file) 
version 1.9.x:
  • ability to stop file loading
  • pages printing from/to, go to page function
  •  full wildcards support for commandline parameters
  •  new conversion mode for Word97 (keeps the same font size as in T602)

  • ( only for use in special documents  which will be not edited anymore)
  •  partially support for headers and footers during RTF export (only 1 line)
  •  Textvw - New program for viewing text files in various code pages from MS DOS has own www page
  • Windows 95, 98 or NT4/2000
  • for correct semigraphics symbols font MS Linedraw or LotusLinedraw should be installed

T602RTF version 1.0.4 (July 5, 2004)
Standalone filter from T602VW program for batch conversion from T602 to RTF for DOS and Linux.

  • same conversion function as program T602VW above.
  • commandline parameters setting
  • for batch conversion
  • freeware
  • MS DOS or compatible, DOS window, Linux
  • processor i386 and higher

Files to download:

programs are packed into zip archive
use WinZip for unpacking

Using And distributing of programs T602VW and T602RTF:

Program is freeware and may be used for any purpose, at no cost.

It may be distributed by any means,
provided that the original files as supplied by the author remain intact
and no charge is made other than for reasonable distribution costs.


All suggestions please write to: asi@seznam.cz (Milan Broz)